What We Do

The law firm of Daverio & Florio provides legal advice on various aspects of Labour and Social Security Law, and in particular:

- contracts of employment;
- transfers, secondments, assignments and amendments to job specifications;
- disciplinary proceedings and dismissal of individual employees,
- redundancies, the CIGO and CIGS salary integration funds and solidarity agreements;
- business restructuring, transfer, mergers, windings-up and capital withdrawal;
- remuneration;
- contracts of employments and the laws on privacy and IT,
- health and safety at the workplace;
- administrative and autonomous employment contracts;
- project contracts;
- supply of personnel contracts;
- subcontracting;
- agency contracts;
- pensions and social security contributions;
- due diligence.

We pay particular attention to activities which demand, in the very closest client co-operation, the drafting of communications, procedures and policies to public authorities and trades unions.